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Another possible inspiration for the series of watercolors and The Gulf Stream itself was McCabe's Curse , a Bahamian tale about a British Captain McCabe who in 1814 was robbed by thieves, hired a small boat in hopes of reaching a nearby island, but was caught in a storm and later died in Nassau of yellow fever; Homer saved an account of the story and pasted it into a travel guide. [4]

The Simpsons Movie — which was released between the show’s 18th and 19th season — scored more-than-respectable reviews on its way to earning $530 million worldwide at the box office, so, yes, pretty well. And perhaps it was extra impressive, considering that the plot involved poorly disposed-of pig poop: Homer adopts a pet hog, inadequately storing its waste in a leaky silo in his backyard; then, ignoring Marge’s advice, he dumps the feces in the already troubled Lake Springfield. The massive toxic reaction prompts the evil head of the EPA — with the authorization of President Arnold Schwarzenegger — to drop a clear dome over Springfield, which makes the angry town residents to turn on Homer and his family, who escape through a sinkhole and hightail it to Alaska. Marge gives up on Homer after he refuses to join them in returning to rescue Springfield after they learn that it is being turned into the next Grand Canyon, but ultimately Homer has an epiphany, returns to Springfield, and saves the day on a motorcycle with Bart, who — we forgot to mention — skateboards naked through the town earlier in the film.

Homer Banks - I Know You Know I Know I KnowHomer Banks - I Know You Know I Know I KnowHomer Banks - I Know You Know I Know I KnowHomer Banks - I Know You Know I Know I Know